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Kodiak Mobile MFG. Roll Feeder Mount for the PentaxÆ PocketJet & PocketJet II Mobile Printer - The mount designed for use with the Pentax PocketJet printer will allow the user the capacity to utilize either roll paper or cut sheet paper depending on the user’s preference. The roll paper is mounted behind the printer in the paper enclosure designed to provide the paper additional protection from exposure to direct sunlight.

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Installation (or docking) of the PocketJet into the mount is easy. With the sunlight cover open the PocketJet drops down into the roll paper compartment, and the printer is slid forward to the front of the mount. Metal tabs on both sides secure the printer from vertical motion. Power and data cables are connected, the roll of paper is installed, and the cover is closed.  This mount is sufficiently compact that it may be installed inside the glove compartment of many popular public safety vehicles, or it may also be mounted in the pedestal or console configurations. The mount is fabricated from 18 gauge metal and is electrostatically powder coated antiglare black. Nominal dimensions are 3.25” x 10.06” x 5.25” while the weight with printer and paper
installed is 4.25 lbs. - PART NUMBER: GJDA-3

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