Custom Configure your Pocketjet Printer. Buy a kit or only the pieces you need in a vehicle.

PocketJet - Custom Configurations, Options, and Consumables

Custom Configurations
Most users will want and need all of the components in a PocketJet system, but there are times when they may want to build their own custom configurations by choosing from the standard system and optional components. For example, in applications where a PocketJet is being permanently mounted in a vehicle, they would want a car adapter power supply, instead of the AC adapter and battery. Contact your local reseller or Pentax Technologies directly for complete details on custom configurations.

Optional Components

12 volt car adapter - power supply only
If you need to print in your vehicle and don't need battery recharge capabilities, order our "power only" car adapter, which plugs directly into the cigarette lighter connection.

12 volt car adapter - power supply & battery charger
If you need to print in your vehicle and/or recharge your battery while you are driving to your next appointment, order our "power supply and battery recharger" car adapter, which plugs directly into the cigarette lighter connection.

Special palmtop computer and PDA interfaces
Pentax Technologies works with a variety of third-party vendors to develop custom interface solutions for popular palmtop computers and personal digital assistants (PDAs).

Custom vehicle mounting solutions
If your application calls for permanently mounting a PocketJet in a vehicle or other location, we can help you by putting you in touch with some of our third-party mounting solution partners.


PocketJet printers are based on direct thermal printing technology. This means that no special inks, ribbons or toners are required to print a page. The only consumable needed is the thermal paper.

Cut sheet paper
Pentax Technologies currently offer three types U.S. letter and U.S. legal sizes of cut sheet paper for use with PocketJet printers. All come in 100-sheet boxes and are available from PocketJet resellers, selected direct mail companies, and directly from Pentax Technologies.

Roll-feed paper
For applications that require a continuously feeding paper supply, Pentax Technologies now offers six-packs of roll-feed paper. All rolls are 100 feet in length and are available in 8.5" width.

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