Uninterruptable Power Supply Batteries to fit APC units

Made by BTI to fit APC

Replacement UPS Batteries (ALL BTI RBC PART #'S HAVE BEEN REPLACED BY SLA PART #'S)We have access to APC batteries also.
Brand Model (cross reference) Type Description BTI # OEM Part # UPC Code Price
APC Discontinued BK200, BK200B Lead Acid UPS Battery SLA1-BTI RBC1 745473115157 Discontinued
New Price BK250B,BK280B,BP280,BP280PNP,BP280BPNP,BP280C,BP280S,BK300,BP350U,BK400,BK400B, Lead Acid UPS Battery SLA2-BTI RBC2 745473115164 $29.40
BK450, BK600, BK600C, PCNET Lead Acid UPS Battery SLA3-BTI RBC3 745473115171 $48.65
New Price BK650M, BK650MC, BP650PNP, BP650S, SU620NET, SUVS650 Lead Acid UPS Battery SLA4-BTI RBC4 745473115188 $47.60
New Price SU450,SU450NET,SU700,SU700NET Lead Acid UPS Battery SLA5-BTI RBC5 745473115195 $58.80
New Price BP1000,SUVS1000,SU1000,SU1000NET,SU1000RM,SU1000RMNET Lead Acid UPS Battery SLA6-BTI RBC6 745473115201 $98.00
New Price SU700XL,SU700XLNET,SU1000XL,SU1000XLNET,BP1400, Lead Acid UPS Battery SLA7-BTI RBC7 745473115218 $128.80
New Price SU1400RM,SU1400RMNET Lead Acid UPS Battery SLA8-BTI RBC8 745473115225 $120.40
New Price SU700RM,SU700RMNET Lead Acid UPS Battery SLA9-BTI RBC9 745473115232 $63.00
New Price BF250,BF280,BF350,BF350U Lead Acid UPS Battery SLA10-BTI RBC10 745473115249 $35.00
New Price SU1400RMXLNET,SU1400RMXLTNET<SU1400XLTNET,SU2200,SU2200NET,SU2200RM, Lead Acid UPS Battery SLA11-BTI RBC11 745473115256 $260.40
New Price SU2200RM3U,SU2200RMI3U,SU3000RM3U,SU3000RMI3U,SU3000RMT3U,SU5000RMT5U, Lead Acid UPS Battery SLA12-BTI RBC12 745473115263 $249.20
DL2200RMI3U,DL3000RM3U,DL3000RMI3U,NS2200RM3U,NS22000RMI3U, NS3000RMT3U
New Price BF500 Lead Acid UPS Battery SLA21-BTI RBC21 745473115270 $35.00
SU700RM2U Lead Acid UPS Battery SLA22-BTI RBC22 745473115287 $138.25
New Price SU1000RM2U Lead Acid UPS Battery SLA23-BTI RBC23 745473115294 $168.00
New Price SU1400RM2U, SUA1500RM2U Lead Acid UPS Battery SLA24-BTI RBC24 745473115300 $203.00
New Price SU1400RMXL3U Lead Acid UPS Battery SLA25-BTI RBC25 745473115317 $173.60

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