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Aberdeen Prooving Grounds
Affiliated Computer Service
Afton Chemical Corp
Airforce Research Lab/DES
Alcoa Technical Center
Alliance of Wound Care
Allegro Microsystems, Inc.
Allied Joint Force Command
Allied Signal, Inc.
American Academy of developmental Medicine and Dentistry
American Advice Service
American College of Poultry Vets
American Computer
American Court Reporting Co. Inc.
American Federal School of Law
Amer. Indian Public Charter School
American Micro Systems
American Technical Consultants, Inc.
American University
                /Dept of Public Safety
                /Washingtom College of Law
Ameristeel Corp.
Anderson Design
Anne Arundel County Detention Ctr.
Anvik Corp.
Arapahoe Co Community Resources Dep
Arkansas Electric Corp.
Art Institute of Vancover
Assembly Member Mary Hayashi
Associated Locksmiths of America
Army/ Ft Belvoir Va & Geo. Mead
Ball Corporation
Baltimore County Government
Baltimore Co Public Schools
Battelle Northwest Lab
Baylor University
Baylor College of Medicine
Benton County Sheriff’s Office
Biogenex Laboratories
Biola Univ
Boston Vinyard Church
Brown & Toland
Bruckner Supply
Brystol Meyers
BTU International
Caddock Electronics
Calhoon MEBA Engineering School
Ca. St. Bd of Equalization
CanScribe Career Center
Cardinal Fuel Corp.
Carla Hall Design Group
Carnie-Mellon University
Carter Brown Co.
Catonsville Community College
Catskill Police Dept.
Center for Civil Education
Centered Riding
Centralia College
CH Energy-Cntrl Hudson Gas & Elec.
Cherry Hills Community Church
Chief of Naval Operations Protocol
Children’s Medical Care Center
Citizen Insurance Co.
City of Corpus Christi TX
City of Huntington Beach
City of Newport Beach (Police Dpt)
City of Northfield
City of Oceanside
City of Phoenix
City of Southlake DPS
City of Springfield
City of St. Augustine
CLK Management
Clayton County Water Authority
Clerk of the Superior Ct, Maricopa CO. AZ
Coastline Regional Occup Pgm
Coherent Diagnostic Technology
Coldwell Banker
College of the Desert
Coleman Hypno Therapy
Co Dept. of Public Health & Envir.
College of Speech & Hearing Health Professional of BC
Columbia University
Commercial Design Service
Community Hospital Anderson
Compass Components, Inc.
Computer Base, Inc.
Computer Horizons Corp.
Computer Systems
Continental Lime
Corporate Buying Service
County of Sacramento
Covino Valley Unified School
Cowan,Gunteski & Co.
Crime and Justice Analysts
CRSS Data Systems
D'Feet Breast Cancer Inc
Dallas County Com. College District
Dartmouth High School
DEA (New York City)
DeAnza College
DFAS-ROME (Polygraph Ft.Meade)
Dept Public Welfare / Harrisburg , PA
Department of State
Department of Veteran Affairs
Dept of the Navy
Departures Mag
DIS Corporation
Dimple Records
Disability Mediation Center
Donino, White & Partners, Inc.
Dreyfus Service Corp.
DPW -MedAssist. Prog./Harrisburg PA
DTC Product Development
Dynamics Research Corp
Eastern New Mexico University
Educational Service Testing
EDP Dental Plan
English Springer Spaniel Society.
En Pointe Technology
Environmental Mgt Dep
Equity, Inc.
Exide Corp
Fairview Public Schools
Family Development Center
Fapco, Inc.
Fauquier Co Public Sch
FEMA Pacific Area Office
Fitzgerald Law
Forum Ride Associates
Ft. Benning GA
Ft. Worth Fire Department
Full Circuit Service
Future Solutions, Inc.
Garden City Community College
Gaston Tech
GE Capital
GEC Component Products
Georgetown Hospital
Georgetown University Law Center
Georgia Electric Membership Corp
Global Services Inc.
Goddard Space Flight Center- NASA
Goodfellow AFB
GoodLife Television Network
Goodrich Pump & Engine Contr
Government Computer News
Grace Bible College & Seminary
Grace Christian University
Grand Plaza
Grubdy Co. High School
Hagenbaugh & Murphy
Haram Corp.
Hacienda La Puente Unified School Dist.
Health Forum
Hendley Putnam Univ.
Herbert L. Flake Co.
Hewlett Packhard Co.
Hillsborough Sheriff Office
Hoge Fenton Jones & Appel, Inc.
Holland Gardens
Housing Authority City of LA
Howard, Smith & Levine
Hummingbird Associates
Homestuders Life
Indian Capitol Area Vo-Tech
Illinois State Police
Imperial Unified School Dsistrict
Integrated Device Technology, Inc
International Business Law
Intn’l Chiropractic Pediatric Assn.
Int’l Sch.of Ouagadougou / DeptState
Internationmal Business Law Services
Int’l Shrine Clown Assn.
Intelligent Automation Systems
InterConnex , Inc.
IS Lande Publishing
Jaffe Institute
John Thomas Dye School
Johns Hopkins
Johnstone Company
John William University, Inc.
Kemper Insurance
Kirtland Hills Police Department
Kohler Co.
Komag Material Technology
Kraft Foods
Krist Company
KSL Broadcasting
Lakeland Community College
Land Trust Accreditation Commission
Lawrence Livermore Labs
Lane Community College
Legal Aid Of San Francisco
Life Coach College
Linx Technology
Little Sioux Corn Processors
Lockheed-Martin / Missiles & Space
Lockheed Martin (Skunkworks)
Locktite Corp.
Lohmeyer Computing Services, Inc.
Lordstown Board of Education
Los Alamos National Lab
Louisana State Univ.-Batton Rouge
Lucent Technologies
Luna Information Systems
Lynchburg Stained Glass
Malstrom AFB
M&M Designs
Maimi University - Middletown
Malloy Lithograph
Marconi Electronics Systems
Matrix Oil & Gas, Inc,
Max Image
Mayer Electric Supply
Mayo Foundation
McAllister Printing C0.,Inc.
Medlam Associates
Merial Limited
Meritor Heavy Vehicle Systems,LLC
Mesquite Police Dept.
Metro Volunteer Lawyers
Michigan State Police
Michigan Technological University
Micro Cable
Nordstrom Corp.
Micro Land, Inc.
Milcom Systems
Milliman & Robertson
Mitchell College
Modern People
Morgan Memorial Hospital
Naples Airport Authority
National Forensic Lab
National Tile Contractors Assn
Naval Media, NDW Anacostia Annex
Naval Station Anacostia
Nelson Oil
Network 1
Network Telephone Services
Nevada Board of Architecture
Newell Colour
Newport Wood of NC
Montana State University
Morehead State University
Morris County Library
Nacco Materials Handling Group
National Association of Programmers
Natl Assn. Of Purchasing Manage
Navaho Co Schools
Naval Station Great Lakes
NC Wesleyan College
Nextel Communications
Norfolk Commonwealth Attorney
Northeast Transcription, Inc.
Northern Engraving
Novellus Systems, Inc.
O’Sulivan Industries
Oak Ridge Natl labs
Oaks Travel
Office of Ambulatory Surgery Ctr, Inc.
Oklahoma City Art Museum
Oklahoma State University
Old Republic Title
Omega International
OMI, Inc.
On Lok Senior Health Servicess
Ono Hawaiian Barbecue
Orange Co Dept of Education
Oregon State Police
Oregon State University
Overfield Security & Lock
Pan American Health Organization
Park Tudor School
Patenaude & Associates
Patrick AFB
PC Systems Design Corp.
Peachtree City Obstetrics & Gynecology
Penn State - York
Personal Solutions
Philadelphia Gas Works
Phillips Health Care
Pierson College
Pine Lake County Clerk
Pioneer Eye Care, Inc.
Plastic Industries
Polaris Acceptance
Police Dept City of Lancaster, Ohio
Pomona Unified School Dist.
Poloroid Corp
Potomac College
Primus Corp.
Proctor & Gamble
Protec Services
PSCS Scanning, Inc.
Public Defender 6 Circuit
Purdue University
Rainforest Preservation Partnership
RAP Productions
Reach air Medical Services
Real Estate Appraisal Board
Regeneration Technology
Rehabilitation Care Coordinator - San Diegop
RGM Engineering
RGR Technologies
RMC Industries Corp.
Rockwell Collins
Roman, Inv.
Rolling Hills Country Day School
Sacramento County
Safe & Vault Technicians Association
Saint Alexius Medical Center
San Bernadino Co. Ptobation
San Bernardino Co. District Attorney
San Diego District Attorney’s Office
San Francisco Art Institute
Santa Cruz Public Library
Sasaki Associates
Schilling Products
School District of Kansas City Missouri
Scripts Green Hospital
SD State University
Seabreeze Sales, Inc.
Sears Roebuck & Co.
Security Engineering
Siera Nevada Corporation
Sisly International, Inc.
Sky Valley Edu Ctr
Smyrna Police Dept
Society of Cable Television Engineers
Sollors Business Group
Sound Health
South Eastern Laboratories
Southern Gila Co College Prep Academ
St Alnbert Catholic High School
St. Cloud Police Dept.
St Coletta’s of MA
St Daniels Health
St Mary’s Univ. of MN
St Paul Public Schools
St. Louis County Div of Personnel
Stamfordville Machine & Mfg.
Stanford Law School
Stanford School of Medicine
Stanford University-Psychiatry
Stanley Fastening Systems
State of Florida
State of Louisana
State of Ohio Environmental Protect.Agy.
State University of NY at Binghamton
Structural Integrity Associates
Sunset Sound
Synectic Solutions
Syntegration, Inc.
Takeda Pharmaceuticals NA
TC Advertising
Telfer oil Co
Tel Control, Inc.
Telemedia , Inc.
Teletrac, Inc.
Tennessess Fire Equipment
Texas A & M Univ. College or Archit.
Texas Air National Guard
Texas Dep of Banking
Texas Municipal Court (Austin)
The Boeing Co.
The Carbide/Grahite Group, Inc.
The Center for asia-Pacific Exchabge
The Children’s Mercy Hospitals &Clinics
The Dallas Opera
The Gate Center
The Hartford
The Joseph Sears Sch
The Junior Statesmen Foundation
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
The Miter Corp
The National Road Safety Foundation
The SEC Institute
The Steinberg Group
Thomas Jefferson Classical AcademyTime Warner
Town of Chatom
Training Devices, Inc.
Treadway Industries
Trident Support Dept.
Trinity Christian Center
Tulane Univ / Dept of English
UCSF-Langley Porter Psychiatric Inst
Unico, Inc.
Unified School Dist. Wichita
United States Postal Service
Univ of CA - Dept of Rehabilitation
University of Alabama
University of Arizona
University of California - Berkely
University of CA , San Francisco
University of CA , San Diego
University of Colorado
Univ of Co-Dep of Electric. & Comp.
University of Crete
University of Delaware
University of Georgia
University of Hartford
University of KY / Govt Serv. Ctr
University of Maimi
Univ. of Miami School of Medicine
University of MD- Baltimore
University of Montana
Uof NV - Donald Reynolds Sch Jour.
University of Oregon
University of Oregon Int’l Studies
Univ. of TX Applied Research Labs
Univ of VA
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
University of Wyoming
Uptech Inc.
US Air Force
US Army-DLIFLC & POM (Monterey)
US Army / Aberding Proving Grounds
US Army Corp of Engineers
US Court of Appeals
US Dept of the Interior - US Geo. Svy
US Dept of the Treasury
US District Court
US Federal Trade Commission
US Interior Mexd Transportations, Inc.
US Lawn Bowling
US Navy
US Secret Service (Eisenhower Ex Bldg)
Utah Dept of Public Safety
Valentine Research, Inc.
Vatrix, Inc.
Vista Unified School District
Wake County Public School System
Wake Forrest
Walker Manufacturing Corp.
Washington State U. Col of Pharmacy
Wayne Co. Sheriff’s Office
Wayne Township Fire Dept.
Western Kentucky Univ
Western Law Ctr Disability Rights
Western Security Conultants
Westminister Public Schools
Wiretek Computers
Wisconsin Indianhead Tech. College
Wise Technology
Woodward Industrial Controls
Xerox Corp.
Yale University
Yale Industrial trucks - Pittsburgh

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